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Ballet Dancers


HIS Graded Technique, pre-professional division is for students 8+ years old with Ballet experience, who are committed to a minimum of 3 hours of Ballet per week (2 or more classes.) Students' progress through the levels at their own pace, sometimes remaining in a level for 2-3 years. Pointe begins at Level JR 1 or 2 at the teacher's discretion. Parents are notified first so that a family decision may be made due to the increased class requirement.


Class Attire

Students will have a required 3/4 sleeve leotard available through HIS Dance Academy. Additional black leotards in tank, camisole, and mock neck style may also be worn. (No low backs, mesh leotards, or crisscross/multiple straps) Pink or skin tone tights must be worn under leotard and inside pink ballet shoes. Black skirt optional.

Class Requirements

At a minimum, students will be charged based on the number of classes below.  Modern students must meet the ballet level requirements. This class will be an additional fee.

Apprentice (AP 1 & 2) Minimum requirements: (2) AP Ballet classes per week


Junior (JR 1 & 2) Minimum requirements: (3) JR Ballet classes per week

JR1 Thursday plus 2 additional Ballet classes required.   

JR2 Tuesday plus 2 additional Ballet classes required.

(Ensemble members (3) Ballet classes plus Saturday Conditioning/Power Barre)


Senior (SR 1 & 2) Minimum requirement: (4) SR Ballet classes per week

SR Tuesday Ballet Class plus (3) additional Ballet classes required. 


(Ensemble members (3) Ballet classes plus Saturday Pilates/Power Barre)

Pointe Requirements

(3) JR or Senior Ballet classes per week (Monday-Thursday) required. 

(1-2) JR 1 Pointe classes per week required at teacher's discretion.

(2) JR 2 - SR 2 Pointe classes per week required. Variations class does not meet requirement.

Variations Requirements 

Friday SR Ballet class  

(3) additional Ballet classes (Monday - Thursday)

(2) Pointe classes

Optional Outreach Opportunities

Annual All-School Mini Storybook Ballet (Showcase): May 10 and 11, 2024 at DeVos Center for Arts and Worship. All dancers required to attend Saturday warm-up/class prior to rehearsal from March 16- May 4, 2024.

Mandatory dress rehearsal Thursday, May 9, 2024.

HIS Dance Ensemble: Members perform an original ballet from the HIS repertoire each March. 

2023-2024 Ensemble Requirements by Level

Apprentice 1 / 2

Saturday AP 1/2 Conditioning/ Ballet class with rehearsal following (January-March)

(1) Additional weekly Ballet class

(1) Modern class 

Junior 1

JR1 Thursday Ballet class plus (2) additional JR Ballet classes per week.

(1 - 2) Pointe classes at teachers' discretion

(1) Modern class

Saturday 9:45 -11:00 am Conditioning/ Power Barre required before rehearsal.

Junior 2

JR2 Tuesday Ballet class plus (2) additional JR Ballet classes per week. 

(2) Pointe classes

(1) Modern class

Saturday 9:45 -11:00 am Conditioning/ Power Barre required before rehearsal.


Senior 1 & 2

Tuesday Ballet Class plus (3) additional SR Ballet classes per week

Saturday 9:45 -11:00 am Pilates/Power Barre required before rehearsal.

(2) Pointe classes 

(1) Modern class

Variations optional (see above for requirements.) 

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