A Princess in ROYAL, the toys in TOYMAKER.

Led astray, they long for what they don't have. The struggle of discontentment leading to loss and brokenness are met with the loving message of grace through the Son's sacrifice and the Father's love and forgiveness. We hope you will join us for the mini ballet MESSAGE OF GRACE, a beautiful reminder of God's love for us as we approach this Easter season.

Thank you for supporting HIS Dance Ensemble and their efforts to present this inspiring message perfect for 2021! 


Once you receive the email confirmation, please ask to join the Facebook group, HIS Ensemble - Message of Grace. You may either watch the performances live at 12:00 or 2:00 or the video will be available indefinitely through the facebook group.  

Only one ticket is needed per family. Both shows included. If you feel led to donate to HIS Ensemble, feel free to "purchase" more tickets!

Access to "Message of Grace" Presented by HIS Dance Ensemble