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This fun energetic class is an introduction to Ballet technique for the male dancer and is taken in addition to Graded Technique Level Requirements.

The class will emphasize strengthening of the upper body, legs and core, which are important for executing the demanding movements that are standard for all male ballet dancers. Students will be introduced to specialized movements (jumps, turns and pyrotechnics) for the male dancer. This class is design to compliment the standard ballet class levels AP 1-JR 2.

Register HERE for the Saturday 9-9:45 Boys class!


The skills developed in the male ballet class, train the body in self-control and coordination, developing stretch and strength that translates to all sports: endurance for running, control for kicking and spatial awareness. All boys may attend Ballet classes on full scholarship.

Performance opportunities:

March Ensemble Production-Boys may also join the Ensemble and participate in the March production. Register under Session "Ensemble 2024-25" within the parent portal. 

AP Rehearsal runs January 11-March 8.  JR/SR Rehearsals begin in September and runs through March 8.

May Showcase-Boys in the Recreational Division have the option of registering for a "Technique with choreography" class within their level which participates in the May showcase. 

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