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HIS Dance Academy was founded by Beth Huegli and Leslie Glendening. We operate on a 9-month season from September - May.  Maintenance Classes, Master Classes, and Summer Classes are offered June-August. Registration typically begins in March for Summer Classes and June 1 for Fall Classes.

​A Vaganova-based curriculum is used in all ballet classes. In addition, Bible verses and applications relating to all dance terms and positions are taught throughout the year. HIS Dance is an excellent place for your child to experience a new recreational sport or a professional dance education!

Our Recreational Division is for dancers ages 2 thru adult. At the age of 9, students and families may choose to continue in our Recreational Division based on age/grade or move into our Graded Technique Division Level Apprentice 1. Students progress through the levels at their own pace, sometimes remaining in a level for 2-3 years. Pointe begins at Level Junior 2 at the teacher's discretion. Parents are notified first, so a family decision may be made due to the increased class requirement.

Please read through the information below and contact us with any questions that you may have.  Contact Here




Dance Attire Graded Technique AP 1 & 2/ JR 1 & 2/ SR 1 & SR 2:

Modest Black Leotard - no mesh, multiple straps, lace, low back, or tummies exposed. Click the view/order link of required leotard styles. (Basic Tank, Cami, Mock Neck, 3/4 sleeve)

Ballet Pink Tights - tights must be worn under the leotard and in shoes *

Ballet Pink Ballet Shoes

Ballet Black Skirt optional

Nude Leotard for performances

Hair in a secure bun

     *Dancers of color may choose to wear skin-toned or pink tights and shoes. 


 Males - Slim Black Pants, Fitted White Shirt, Black Ballet Shoes, Black Socks, Proper Undergarments

Dance Attire Recreational:

Pre-Ballet - Pink Leotard

Ballet A thru Teen - Modest Opaque Black Leotard; 16+/Adult - Any Opaque color Leotard or comfortable clothing.

Ballet Pink Tights *

Ballet Pink Ballet Shoes

Ballet Skirt optional

Hair in a secure bun

     *Dancers of color may choose to wear skin-toned or pink tights and shoes. 

Males - Slim Black Pant; Fitted White Shirt; Black Ballet Shoes, Black Socks

Hip Hop - Comfortable clothing, no tummies exposed when arms raised, clean indoor tennis shoes brought with you (black high top converse needed for showcase)

Jazz - Black leotard, pants /shorts over a leotard, black jazz shoes

Modern - Black leotard, comfortable pants, barefoot or foot thongs.

Special Needs - Comfortable clothing, ballet pink Ballet shoes

Six Week Mini Session - Preschool follows Pre-Ballet above; Adults comfortable, active wear.



Graded Technique Tuition: 

Graded Technique tuition is based on the number of class hours - Tuition

Male students - all males will receive a scholarship to attend ballet classes free of charge. 

For 2023-24 tuition rates click HERE.


SUMMER Drop-In Rate for Graded Technique Students: 

​T - TH JR-SR: $25 each day

M JR-SR: $25 per day

New Student Placement/Evaluation Fee: $25

2023-24 Ensemble

AP1 & 2 Ballet: $170 fee + Minimum 3hrs $160/Month*

JR 1 & 2 Ballet: $320 fee + Minimum 4.5hrs $190/Month*

SR 1& 2 Ballet: $320 fee + Minimum 6hrs $220/Month*

*Additional classes/hours may be calculated under Tuition above.

Recreational Tuition:

All 45-60 min classes are $65/month

Drop-in rate $15 / Students $12

Male students - all males will receive a scholarship to attend ballet classes free of charge(does not include summer.) Ballet Combo classes may be taken at a 50% discount.

Registration Fees:

All families will be charged a yearly $30 registration fee upon fall registration. A $10 summer registration fee will be charged for families not currently registered.

Costume Fees:

All Recreational classes 45 min+: $70 

AP 1 - SR2 Choreography Classes:  $70

This fee will be automatically pulled on Dec 1. Any payment received after that date will be an additional $10. 

*Showcase Participation Fee:

Level AP1-SR 2 Saturday Showcase Choreography Class:  $35

*Students will automatically be enrolled in the Showcase Choreography Class at the time of enrollment in the GT Division.  


We desire that every student has the opportunity to dance. Through fundraising efforts, we can offer financial assistance to families in need. The following scholarships are available:

1. The Rizzo Scholarship: In honor of our former bookkeeper Jeannine Rizzo, this scholarship will be awarded to 3 Special Needs students per year.  There is 1 full scholarship available that will cover 100% of tuition for 1 class per year and 2 scholarships that cover 50%.
2. The JoElla Scholarship: This scholarship was created to remind the Biblical mandate to care for the Widow and the Orphan.  Anyone who has lost a spouse or is fostering a child may apply for this scholarship.  There are 2 scholarships that cover 50% of 1 (60) recreational class. 

3. Graded Technique Scholarship:  Awarded to 4 Graded Technique students per year.  Financial awards are given based on family needs and funds available.  
4. HIS Kids Scholarship:  Awarded to 2 Recreational students 6 years and older per year and is a needs-based scholarship that will cover 50% of tuition for (1) 60-minute recreational class

Scholarship requests must be submitted by August 15.  Application




  • All School Showcase - May

Every HIS Dance Academy student has an opportunity to share the message of Christ through dance.  Our year-end May Showcase is based upon our Bible theme for the year and is woven throughout the dances. It's more than just another recital! For specific student details and instructions: Read more...

  • HIS Dance Ensemble 23-24

The Ensembles of HIS Dance Academy are designed for dancers who desire to intentionally develop their artistic and performance abilities (in addition to their technical abilities) through participating in a professional scale Ballet. Ensemble dancers have increased time commitment during school and summer, including rehearsals outside of technique class. Ensemble placement is decided by a dancer’s level, not age. 

     Senior Ensemble: Level SR 1 & SR 2 

     Junior Ensemble: Level JR 1 & JR 2 

     Apprentice Level AP1 & AP 2 

  • Outreach Performance Group

HIS Students are always encouraged to take dance back to their home church. 

When the studio requests special events, our Outreach dancers, who have been part of the summer "Outreach Class," are sent out into the community.

God's Girls, our Special Needs dancers, have the option of participating in outreach events throughout the year.


Our Calendar fills with special events! Tutu Week. Bring a Friend Week, Daddy and Me class, Ensemble Productions, and more! Printed copies of the calendar are available at the studio, or see the Upcoming Events calendar on the homepage.  




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