Showcase Lists are posted in the studio in October. Students are divided into 2 shows with upper level Graded Technique students AP1-SR2 participating in both shows. All students are expected to participate in the Showcase unless you let your teacher know otherwise. Class attendance is imperative. If a student has excessive absences, it is up to the teacher’s discretion as to whether or not the student will participate in the showcase. Mini Session students will not participate in showcase. 30 minute classes participation in Showcase determined in October and will be posted at that time.

Parents of students in AP1-SR2 will be expected to volunteer at one show or in a pre/post show capacity to avoid an additional performance charge. VOLUNTEER SIGN UP >>  HERE 

The end of the year showcase is held at Grand Rapids Christian High School DeVos Center for Performing Arts (DCAW)

There will be 2 performance times: 1:00 and 4:30. Our goal is to have each show run approximately 120 minutes.

Recreational Students will dance in one show. Pre-Professional Graded Technique students AP1 and above dance in 2 shows. 30 minute "co-enrollment" classes are scheduled to participate in the showcase only if time allows. This will be determined in October. There will be a costume fee for 30 min classes. 

We do our best to keep siblings dancing in the same shows to make performances convenient for families. There may be times when this is not possible and we apologize for the inconvenience. We schedule the shows in October. Please watch for details and let us know at that time if there are conflicts. We will do our best to work with you. 

Costume Week April 20-25. Please join us for the last 15 minutes of class to receive special instructions. To keep costume charges at a minimum, we do not offer alterations.




TICKETS: Tickets go on sale April 20 and may be purchased through DeVos Center for Performing Arts at the box office or online at 

View classes in 1:00 Show HERE (show order subject to change)

View classes in 4:30 Show HERE (show order subject to change)

DVD: Each show is videotaped by Inspiration Video and DVD's will be available for purchase for $25. Blueray $40. There is no videotaping or flash photography allowed during performance. 

ORDER DVD >>>Coming Soon


FLOWERS: Flowers will be sold at each performance. All proceeds go toward our scholarship fund. 





PLEASE NOTE: We do our best to accommodate families who have a school function on the night of the rehearsal. The Directors MUST BE NOTIFIED IN WRITNG AT LEAST 2 WEEKS IN ADVANCE!

Week of the Showcase: 

  • Recreational Classes do not meet the week of May 4-9.

  • Monday, May 4 Graded Technique Levels AP1- JR2 and Modern 2-4 classes will meet as scheduled

  • Tuesday, May 5 Graded Technique Levels AP2-JR1 will meet as scheduled

  • Tuesday, May 5 JR 2-SR 2 4:15 class/blocking rehearsal at studio

MANDATORY Dress Rehearsal DCAW: (students MUST attend rehearsal in order to participate in the show)

  • The 1:00 pm show will rehearse on Thursday May 7 4:15-8:00 pm? (may leave when dance finished- we often finish EARLY)

  • AP2-SR2 warm-up in DCAW black box at 4:15 pm

  • See call time in newsletter. 


  • The 4:30 pm show will rehearse on Friday May 8 4:15-8:00 pm? (may leave when dance finished - we often finish EARLY)

  • AP2-SR2 warm-up in DCAW black box at 4:15

  • See call times in newsletter.


  • It is a privilege that we allow parents/guardians only to remain in the auditorium during rehearsals. We ask that it remain quiet and that you respect the rules of GRCHS (no FOOD or DRINK.)

  • If you are able, please leave other siblings at home during rehearsal. 

  • Anyone other than parents attending rehearsal MUST receive prior permission from the Directors. Please Do not invite extended family/friends to attend



Day of Performance Call Time:

All Recreational Students Preschool-Level C and Teen as well as Ballet AP1 Students 

  • Students arrive costume/make-up ready 30 min prior to show time. (12:30 or 4:00)

  • Enter through back door and check in by last name. Only parent volunteers allowed backstage 


​AP2-SR2 students arrive at 11:00 for warm up 

  • 11:15am on stage for the 1pm performance

  • 3:30pm backstage for the 4:30pm performance


Pick up: 

  • All Recreational Students Preschool-Level C and Ballet Level AP1 Students must be picked up by the same parent in the North hall to the right of stage. Student and (1) parent only will then proceed through back hallway and sign out through South hall exit. Plan to meet family and friends in lobby.

  • All Teen and AP2-SR2 will be released to find parent


PLEASE NOTE: Students are NOT permitted to leave the performances early. This is disheartening for the other little dancers and presents us with distractions and security issues.


HIS Showcase is our way of giving every student an opportunity to dance the message of Christ to the community, please be courteous and remain in the auditorium.