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Detailed Information per class arrival time HERE


April 17-22: Costume Week Instructions  - all accounts must be up to date. Parents attend the last 15 minutes of class to receive the costume with additional instructions.

HIS Showcase 2023 will be held on Friday, May 12 and Saturday, May 13.

Graded Technique Thursday, May 11 Dress Rehearsal 

(Parents may watch in audience & dancers are excused to leave after their dances have been rehearsed) 

4:00-5:00 Graded Technique warm-up on stage 

5:00-8:00 Rehearsal 

*All Recreational dancers will rehearse their dance on the stage the day of the show (Please see below.)

Friday, May 12 6:30 Show

Pre-Ballet TH 5:15 

Ballet A TH 6:00

Ballet B TH 4:15 

Hip Hop C/Teen T 5:30

Special Needs T 5:30

All Graded Technique

Saturday, May 13 1:00 Show

Pre-Ballet M 4:00 

Ballet A M 4:45

Ballet B M 6:30

Hip Hop/Flip Flop A/B T 4:45

Special Needs T 5:30

All Graded Technique

Saturday, May 13 4:00 Show

Pre-Ballet TH 9:30

Ballet A/B TH 10:45

Ballet/Jazz A/B T 4:30

Ballet C T 6:15

Special Needs T 5:30

All Graded Technique

Graded Technique Dancers (Ballet AP-SR):  Please be sure your child is signed up for the Showcase 2023 choreography class on Jackrabbit.  This must be done as an individual class.  Please see Desk Staff for instructions. Costumes will be ordered in December for only those registered.

All students are expected to participate in the Showcase unless you let your teacher know otherwise. Class attendance is imperative. If a student has excessive absences, it is up to the teacher’s discretion as to whether or not the student will participate in the showcase. Mini Session students will not participate in the showcase. 30-minute class participation in Showcase will be determined in October and posted.

Parents of students in AP1-SR2 will NOT be expected to volunteer at one show this year. 

Grand Rapids Christian High School DeVos Center for Arts and Worship (DCAW) holds the end-of-year showcase. Our goal is to have each show run for approximately 45 minutes. We invite everyone to invite your friends and come back to the Friday Graded Technique Show! You will be able to see the progression through our program.

We do our best to keep siblings dancing in the same shows to make performances convenient for families. Sometimes, this is not possible, and we apologize for the inconvenience. We schedule and post showcase information in October so that you may plan accordingly. 

Costume Week April 17-22. Please join us for the last 15 minutes of class to receive special instructions. To keep costume charges at a minimum, we do not offer alterations.

No recreational classes will meet May 8-13. Graded Technique classes will meet Monday-Wednesday. 



TICKETS: Tickets go on sale on April 24 and may be purchased through DeVos Center for Performing Arts at the box office or online at 

DVD/Link: TBD There is no videotaping or flash photography allowed during the performance. 





FLOWERS: Flowers will be sold at each performance. All proceeds go toward our 2023-24 scholarship fund. 

Studio Rehearsals

Each recreational class will be practicing their piece in our black box, Studio D. IF the teacher feels that onstage marking is necessary at DCAW, we will set up a time on the evening of the performance to keep their piece onstage. 


PLEASE NOTE: Students are NOT permitted to leave the performances early. This is disheartening for the other little dancers and presents us with distractions and security issues.

ONLY Dancers, Staff, and designated volunteers are permitted in the back hallway.



HIS Showcase is our way of allowing every student to dance the message of Christ to the community; please be courteous and remain in the auditorium. 

Parent Showcase Info
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