Welcome! Classes are running per usual with parents able to be in the building. Masks are optional. We ask that anyone with COVID type symptoms please refrain from coming to class. 

What we are doing:

  • HVAC filters have been upgraded to increase filtration.

  • New air purifiers have been installed in the classrooms.

  • After each class, the teacher will clean high-touch areas.

  • Students will be given hand sanitizer as they come in and as they leave the dance classroom if they do not have their own to use. 

State guidelines indicate that when an individual is in close contact (less than six feet for longer than 15 minutes either cumulative or consecutive) to a person with a confirmed COVID-19 case, they should self-quarantine away from others for 10 days unless vaccinated. We will notify those students as well as the entire class should this happen. 

Students who are asked to quarantine may make up classes throughout the semester. We will not offer refunds or prorate tuition.

We appreciate your understanding as we do all that we can do…we pray that you will do what is asked in order to remain open!