Welcome! We are excited to welcome you into our beautiful studio. We have cleaned, sanitized, painted, reorganized and we are ready for YOU!

Please note that there will only be make-up classes at this time with permission due to smaller class sizes and designated dance space.

Studio A will meet in the Lobby Area which has been converted into a classroom with large windows for “in car” viewing.

What to expect and what to bring to class:

  • Students will be given a temperature check and asked a few health screening questions at the door.

  • Dancers should wait in their car until you see a staff member at the door.

  • Dancers must wear masks and maintain social distancing while waiting for their turn to be checked in as well as while in the building.

  • Dancers are asked to arrive in their dance clothes and hair in a bun.  Access to bathrooms will be limited to emergency only and changing areas are closed. Bathroom stalls designated for each studio.

  • Students only will be allowed to enter the building in order to limit the number of people in the building at any given time. (Parents will need to drop off/pick up at the front door - no entering the building or waiting inside during classes. Please call or email if you have a question about anything.) 

  • Large Bags will not be permitted in classroom only what is able to fit into a 10” basket.

  • Dancers will place their belongings into a basket to be taken into the classroom. The basket will be sanitized after each class.

    • dance shoes

    • extra masks in a Ziplock bag with name on the bag and

    • water bottle(s) more than one if necessary – drinking fountains are closed.

    • keys/phone (turned off) if applicable

  • Dancers must wear masks while dancing and at all times in the building.

  • Dancers will be assigned a designated place at the barre.

  • 10 ft dance boxes will be taped on the floor.

What we are doing:

  • HVAC filters have been upgraded to increase filtration.

  • New air purifiers have been installed in the classrooms.

  • Studio D garage door will remain open to increase circulation, weather permitting.  All other classrooms, door will remain open and new air purifiers will be running.

  • The teacher, wearing a face shield or mask, will remain10 feet away from students.

  • After each class, the teacher will clean high-touch areas.

  • Students will be given hand sanitizer as they come in and as they leave the dance classroom if they do not have their own to use. 

We appreciate your understanding as we do all that we can do…we pray that you will do what is asked in order to remain open!